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Over 3.2 billion people use social media. We can help you connect with them. 

At Revival Media, we are masters at social media management. Our services are bespoke and are tailor made to suit each client and their campaign objectives.

The target audience i.e. demographics, age, gender etc will impact which social media platforms are most effective for each client. We also include paid for social media advertising options and offer clear and concise copywriting services for all content.


of consumers follow a brand on social media to communicate with it


of consumers reach out to a brand's customer service or support


of consumers say they engage with brands on social media


of consumers are influenced by brand suggestions through social media


It’s crucial that if we’re representing a brand online, that we fully understand it inside out. Once we’re clear on the objectives, we’ll create a social media marketing strategy that contributes to a client’s goals in a way that is achieved by whoever is implementing it. This can be tied in with a full digital marketing strategy if required, or as a standalone service.

Training, coaching and support

We provide ongoing training and support. Whether we’re required to create a campaign and run it on a client’s behalf, or if a client wants to take the reins, we’re happy to support businesses every step of the way.

Content creation and implementation

Our team of content creators are excellent at crafting messages that resonate with your audience and publish content based around the agreed strategy. Our consultants understand the importance of engagement and will interact with your customers on a regular basis, making that connection between you and your brand.

Analysis and reporting

We constantly monitor and report frequently on any changes we think we should be making to the strategy.

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