Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep [REVIEW]

Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep [REVIEW]

A band that certainly needs no introduction, since their game changing Take To The Skies with the all famous clap from “Sorry You’re Not A Winner”, ENTER SHIKARI have always been in the limelight. They’ve toured the world and indefinitely grown to be at the height of alternative music in the UK, and most certainly […]

Brand New Enter Shikari!

Brand New Enter Shikari!

In the run up to their new album The Mindsweep being released next month, Enter Shikari have released this quick 2 minute 14 second blast of a single in the form of “Slipshod”. The video is the band animated in a funky fashion, complaining and destroying a higher class restaurant, with the lyrics matching it. […]

Enter Shikari - The Last Garrison [Review]

Enter Shikari – The Last Garrison [Review]

The first single off of Enter Shikari’s fourth studio album, The Last Garrison jumps straight in with a signature Rou Reynolds growl, followed by huge guitar and drums. This being Shikari, you can’t forget the electronic synth which is the backbone to this track, having consistent presence in the background. Harmonies, various layers and strong […]