Ansley Newman, Jule Vera - (17/5/16)

Ansley Newman, Jule Vera – (17/5/16)

On a coldish, less rainy night in Bristol, Jule Vera have just finished playing their set to a big group of fans in The Fleece to a well rounded applause. After having some time to relax and take everything in, we got to sit around with Ansley Newman and talk about all things Jule Vera!   You’re currently on tour […]

As It Is + Guests - Live @ The Fleece, Bristol (17/5/16)

As It Is + Guests – Live @ The Fleece, Bristol (17/5/16)

Who wants some pop punk? You want some pop punk! As It Is are currently on their tour doing a very special one of playing their latest album ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ in full and giving everyone a chance to enjoy their favourite songs from possibly their favourite band. With Jule Vera and With Confidence […]

Sunrise Skater Kids: Friendville [REVIEW]

Sunrise Skater Kids: Friendville [REVIEW]

It’s safe to say that there’s a lot of pop punk festering in the mind of Jarrod Alonge and a lot of people would say that Sunrise Skater Kids is the most popular band he has created out of the lot. With the crowdfunding reaching its goal and then some, the SSK album will be […]