Starbomb: Player Select [REVIEW]

Starbomb: Player Select [REVIEW]

For those who are familiar with the YouTube community, you will be familiar with the channel Game Grumps featuring Danny Sexbang and Arin Hansen. What you may not have known is they also have a music project titled Starbomb which features Ninja Brian (Not to be confused with the other side project Ninja Sex Party). After their first release being praised within their own community, as well as the YouTube community, they have now just released their newest album titled ‘Player Select’.

If you listen to this record and expect something serious and something to rival the chart music of today, you would be stupid to think, but that is what makes the album unique and special in its own way. It’s comedic undertones and carrying over some similar themes from their first record such as Pokemon and The Legend Of Zelda give the album that edge in the whole ‘nerd/gamer rock’ genre. The vocals and rapping elements show off some great harmonies between these two as the music and production add its own personal touches to each song. Even the intro track gives out a thank you to everyone for buying their record and their gratitude to play fart sounds in songs. Childish maybe, but its not supposed to be taken seriously and thats the beauty of it.

Smash’ takes over the topic of Super Smash Bros, showing off the range of Danny’s voice which has a glam/power rock vibe towards it. ‘Robots In Need Of Disguise’ follows Transformers having to take new shapes for being recognised too often for their normal vehicles. Just imagining robots turning into soufflés and turkey sandwiches questions your outlook on life and will confuse you to no end. The lyrical content is well done and the rhyming together along with multiple voices add more depth. The same goes for ‘The Hero Of Rhyme’ which goes on a electronic jazz/blues instrumentation which oddly goes well with the soft spoken raps and picks up when it needs to.

The interlude sections have their own comedic purposes and will have some great inside jokes for fans alike, especially ‘Toad Joins The Band’ which the loud screams distort and scare at times. The many other topics range from classic games such as Pac-Man (Inky’s Lament) and Punch-Out (Glass Joe’s Title Fight) to modern games like Minecraft (Minecraft Is For Everyone) all which fill the same feeling of joy and laughter out of each track. If you have been a big fan of the YouTubers before, then you will definitely enjoy this, but if you want something as a guilty pleasure or you enjoy your comedy/parody music, then maybe pick this up and enjoy all the references.


Released: 16th December 2014
Record Label: N/A
For Fans Of: Game Grumps / Nintendo / Electronic
Rating: 9/10

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