Silverstein’s singer has a bath like a TARDIS. Check their new video…

Silverstein's singer has a bath like a TARDIS. Check their new video...

Disclaimer: it’s probably not available in your local branch of bathstore. Sadfaces all round.

This spring, post-hardcore kings Silverstein are due to release their new record, an ambitious concept album entitled ‘I Am Alive In Everything I Touch’.

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Their eighth album sees the Canadians splitting their latest work into four parts. The tracklist is as follows…


1. Toronto (abridged)

2. A Midwestern State Of Emergency

3. Face Of The Earth


4. Heaven, Hell And Purgatory

5. Buried At Sea

6. Late On The 6th


7. Milestone

8. The Continual Condition

9. Desert Nights


10. In The Dark

11. Je Me Souviens

12. Toronto (unabridged)

“What’s the concept?” we hear you cry. Well, ‘Borealis’ represents north, Austeralis represents south, Zephyrus represents west, and Eurus represents east. Each track’s setting is a different city that falls into these geographical regions. Real life recordings of each city are incorporated into the album.

Fancy hearing a song from this intriguing album? Go on, then.

Want more info? Handily, lead vocalist Shane Told (the one with the fancy bath) is happy to explain.

“All the city clips we recorded, the transitions, and making sure the concept really worked and told this story of loneliness despite being surrounded by so much excitement. As much as I’ve put myself out there over all the records we’ve done, there’s something more real about this one.  At times I almost stopped myself and said, is this going too far?  Am I going to say something I’m going to regret?  And after taking a step back and a few breaks from writing, I decided I needed to do this.”

Silverstein are about to embark on a major headline tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their album, ‘Discovering The Waterfront’, in North America. When will they hit the UK? In April, since you asked.


08 – MANCHESTER Sound Control

09 – LONDON Islington Academy

Tickets are on sale now…


‘I Am Alive In Everything I Touch’ will be released May 19 via Rise. Preorder it wherever you are in the world by clicking here!

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