[RUN DOWN] First lot of bands announced for Groezrock!

[RUN DOWN] First lot of bands announced for Groezrock!

Groezrock have just unveiled the first lot of bands playing Belgium’s unique festival. Here is a quick rundown of some of the bands you’ll be able to catch this May!

Topping the bill you have legendary punk rock act Social Distortion, who may be well known for their rendition of ‘Ring Of Fire‘ These american veterans bring the rock in spades! Check out one of their 90’s classics ‘Story Of My Life‘ for a brush up of american punk history. It’s not just all Green Day, you know.

Fresh off of their reunion shows in the UK, the Ipswich emo/pop punk kings Basement will be crossing the pond to play their unique sound and powerful singalongs. Check out one of the favourite songs here at Revival HQ ‘Earl Grey‘. Other UK bands crossing over include post-hardcore powerhouse While She Sleeps as well as Gnarwovles (to which stage diving and crowd surfing is mandatory)

Are low tuned guitars and gut-rumbling growls your forte? Well then you’re in luck with Whitechapel gracing the stage with their destructive back catalogue. Emmure will bring their extensive material, along with songs off their controversial new album ‘Eternal Enemies‘ and Suicide Silence will help you bring meaning to the term ‘deathcore’. Don’t believe us? Just listen to their latest material off their new record!

Finally, lets get you to speed with a few more bands on this bill. You have Orange County giants Stick To Your Guns who are well known for bringing the thunder any time of day. Boston’s own Defeater have a strong lyrical content with melodic undertones, whereas bringing more of a funk tone to the hardcore industry are Turnstile who are playing this festival for the first time. Check out their music video for the song ‘Drop’ and get your groove on.

Amongst all these bands include many more. The festival will go on for 2 days (May 1st – May 2nd) and feature an all-round lineup for any lovers of music. Tickets are €110 (Around £90). Dont fret as they have many more bands to announce. Full poster is below.


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