Rotting Out have decided to call it a day?

Rotting Out have decided to call it a day?

In a move that has surprised and confused many people in the hardcore community, Rotting Out looks like to be calling it a day with the band. In a post that vocalist Walter Delgado made on Tumblr and a previously deleted tweet, he states;

ROTTING OUT broke up last Sunday. Thanks to anyone whoever cared. It was a great ride and a privilege. Don’t ask why. Thank you everyone.

On the Facebook page, the band says “SHOUT OUT TO ALL YOU THAT HAVE EVER SUPPORTED US IN ANY WAY! WE LOVE YOU ALL!” and on Twitter they posted a video of Al Pacino’s ‘Any Given Sunday’ speech just to invoke more emotions and turmoil from the fans.

No news has come out on whether they will still be playing Vans Warped Tour or any other of their announced shows, but if it is what we all dread to think, we here at Revival wish the members and the band luck in all of their future endeavours.

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