REVIVAL RUN DOWN: Impericon Festival (Manchester) 2015

REVIVAL RUN DOWN: Impericon Festival (Manchester) 2015


Event: Impericon Festival (Manchester)
Date: May 4th 2015
Venue: Manchester Academy, Manchester
For Fans Of: Deathcore / Hardcore / Metalcore

2014 was the first time Impericon had brought the festival to the UK and Manchester was their home. Having UK powerhouse Bury Tomorrow headline the first ever Impericon Festival UK with bands like Terror and Brutality Will Prevail, it was a definite way of cementing history. Now with the second year of the festival coming around and another big mixture of bands playing, we thought we would give a rundown of each band playing the festival.


Being a band who has been on the prowl for 11 years, their three albums have a whole arrange of bangers to help open up this years festival. Being around for this period of time has helped them establish themselves as one of Sweden’s most veteran bands, going on tour with acts such as For Today and August Burns Red. Adept will bring a certain spark to the festival and set the stage for the rest of the night.

FFO: Asking Alexandria / Fit For A King / Oceans Ate Alaska


Bringing up the deathcore/beatdown section of this lineup are this Southampton based group ready to make a bigger name for themselves on a much larger scale. Despite the way that ‘crowdkilling’ gets perceived at during these style of bands shows, you cannot deny that their sound and presence on stage is very impressive and will be a big reason to come early. Just bear in mind of the certain type of crowd and activity that happens during their sets and shows.

FFO: The Acacia Strain / Hatebreed / Oceano


The hometown heroes make their way to the festival this years as an up and coming name in the Slam/Death Metal brings their craft. Following the release of their latest album ‘The Architect Of Extinction’, the band have been making waves, included in this is their announcement of their first USA tour, supporting bands such as Origin and Krisiun. It may not be to everyones taste, but if you enjoy the more heavier and earlier works of the headliner of this festival, give these guys a checkout.

FFO: Cannibal Corpse / Dying Fetus / Waking The Cadaver


Adding a more melodic element to the lineup are this quintet based in California. Their first album was a cult classic amongst many fans and would consider it one of their favourites for 2012, but a more matured and dynamic sound in ‘How We Both Wondrously Perish’ gives a chance to show off the new band members, including ex The Elijah member Michael McGough with his strong cleans. You might think it’ll lower the atmosphere, but if youve never been to a BAAO show, you’re in for a big surprise

FFO: Brand New / La Dispute / Tumblr.


One of deathcore’s finest from back in 2007 with the release of ‘Dead In My Arms’, this band were one of the bands to help bring more noticeable attention to the genre with their signing to Victory Records and the subsequent releases to follow. Their latest album ‘Die Without Hope’ was a superb comeback album for the band and shows that they havent lost their touch. Their stage presence lacks somewhat, but their sound and having coming off a tour with Parkway Drive, these guys are ready for anything!

FFO: I Declare War / No Zodiac / Thy Art Is Murder


Party hard(core) with one of Australia’s more uncommon exports. After the dispanding of I Killed The Prom Queen back in 2007, the ex drummer decided to form a new band. 3 albums, a hell of a lot of weed smoked and a barrel load of alcohol swigged, they have placed themselves high up as one of the more unique hardcore acts in the scene today. Their newest album titled ‘World Is Bond’ comes out a few weeks before Impericon, so you will be guaranteed to hear new songs, including the jam ‘Whats Good?

FFO: Smoking Weed / Drinking Booze


After the release of ‘Disobedient’ giving the fans new and old something new to get their ears onto, it will give you a lot more of a mature way of thinking, but as you move backwards you’ll get the sense that they havent lost their touch since the beginning. Edging now towards a more hardcore sound than the metalcore norm. They blew away many people at last years festival and took a strong following with them during the Never Say Die festival which was headlined by friends Terror. Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed.

FFO: H2O / Rotting Out / Terror


The last we know that this band did a tour in the UK was in 2009 back with Trivium and Chimaira. Since then, apart from festivals, the band have treated the UK like a barren wasteland, so they’re back to give us all what we have been missing. Deathly riffs, ear-puncturing double bass and the lovely sound of Phil Bozeman doing his unique and fan pleasing vocals. Another band who helped bring death core into the modern era, Earlier songs such as ‘Fairy Fay’ will have just a big of an impact as ‘Mono’ will off their latest record. A mix of old and new will be expected, but will it win the Manchester crowd over after over 6 years of waiting?

FFO: Decapitated / Machine Head / War From A Harlots Mouth


Following the 4 labeled pattern of ‘hardcore/deathcore/hardcore/deathcore’, we are treated by the third band in that very list. A song that many people would quote to you as a song of their success would be ‘Faith Or Forgiveness’, and as the band progressed forward, their next two albums helped put them on the map a lot more and helped them become what they wanted to be. ‘Dear Youth’ is the fourth record in their discography and whilst keeping a more melodic approach to their writing, It hits hard when and where it needs to. Songs like ‘Out Of Control’ take the band to new heights and show that behind the soft interior, they are tough as fucking nails. Bangers after bangers.

FFO: A Day To Remember / Hatebreed / Lionheart


Well.. it’s the band you’ve been waiting for. This band is still a powerhouse live and you may not like Eddie Hermida’s vocal style and complain it’s nothing like the previous vocalist, but that doesn’t mean the band can’t kill it live. Hearing both old and new songs get pummelled through the speakers live, you will realise you have seen something special and something you may not see again for a long time. This band have been given the headline spot for a reason and if you decide to leave before their set, well you are a fool.

FFO: All Shall Perish / The Black Dahlia Murder / Thy Art Is Murder

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