Pierce The Veil, letlive. & Creeper – Birmingham o2 Academy.

Pierce The Veil, letlive. & Creeper - Birmingham o2 Academy.

Let’s start off with a shoutout to Pierce The Veil for bringing out two of the most exciting bands around at the minute on this tour, when they could so easily have gotten any of the dime-a-dozen metalcore bands to open for them. Having three bands on this bill all with strongly different sounds is a real treat, especially when the end of this year is as full of great gigs as it is. 


Creeper are up first, coming on 45 minutes after doors open (a nice touch), to a very full room. These guys are getting a lot of positive reaction from the press and that shows in the fact that the crowd know a great deal of the words to their songs. The band command the crowd with an ease which is absolutely out of line for one who don’t even have an album out yet. Will Gould is an outstanding frontman, blending Meatloaf, Davey Havoc, Gerard Way and Joey Ramone into one glorious, long haired, frilly shirt wearing dude who screams rock star.

The rest of the band are tight, and thankfully aren’t given opening band crap sound, they sound big and the songs pack a real punch. Creeper succeed on so many levels; they’ve got the look, they’ve got the buzz, but most of all, they’ve got so many fucking rad songs. Every single tune tonight makes you want to jump on your mates back and shout along, waving your best pointing finger in the direction of the stage. Ending on Misery is obviously brilliant, that song is massive, and having the crowd light up their phones creates an impressive visual spectacle worthy of these guys. Bring on March when their debut drops, and hopefully a headline tour to boot. (9/10)


Creeper are a hard act to follow for sure, but not if you’re letlive.. Are letlive. the best live band on the planet right now? Spoiler alert; yes. Reluctantly Dead and A Weak Ago from the new album are outrageously catchy, and coupled with Jason’s maniacal stage persona, there’s really nothing to do but be swept along for the best ride of your life.

Let’s be clear here, letlive. have been releasing 10/10 albums for years now, and with three in a row, their only real problem is which songs to play live. Opening on Renegade ’86 is genius as it sets the tempo and allows Jason to sprint around the stage, lobbing water on absolutely everything in sight and generally causing as much mischief as he can. A quick speech about the power of women (right on), and letlive. launch into Muther which is perhaps their crowning glory. Hannah from Creeper runs out to help out on the verses, which helps to match the album version and the crowd lap it up.

Kudos has to go to the musicians in letlive. for all being at the top of their game, especially drummer Lonnie who beats the crap out of his kit, beaming all the while – but it’s Jason’s one in a million voice which overshadows everything with its sheer brilliance. The man could easily carve out a career in pop, such is the quality of his voice, and knowledge of beats and hooks, but instead he uses this for furious political and social commentary, spitting out pure venom but sounding bloody wonderful while he does it. If you’ve not seen letlive. before, you need to take a long hard look at yourself and sort it out. (10/10)


How do you follow two of the best live bands around? How indeed. Let’s be clear here; Pierce The Veil were never going to be able to compete with letlive. when it comes to pure passion and performance, they are a once in a generation band with a back catalogue to match.

What Pierce The Veil do have on their side however, is an absolutely fanatical fanbase. As soon as the white sheet comes up during the change over, an earsplitting scream rings out from everyone in the room. These fans are excited for this show, and rightly so. Coming out of the crashed spaceship set, the band waste little time in creating an actual show. This is so much more than what their peers are attempting on the live circuit, with the exception of A Day To Remember. When Dive In drops, seemingly endless red confetti is sprayed around the venue, and the band are immediately at 100% energy.

There’s no warming up here, they leap off of any available surface, grinning ear to ear like this is the time of their lives. This band are no slouches live either, there’s some nice guitar work, and a great drum performance too, and the crowd absolutely lap it up. The production on this tour is immense, there’s more lights than a Corrs factory (sorry), there’s jets of Co2, there’s things that spin, there really is a lot going on, and the effort put in to this really sets this show apart from anything else that I’ve seen in a while.


As a 23 year old with a taste for Black Metal, it’s safe to say that Pierce The Veil are not really meant for me but, and it is a big but (shoutout Sir Mixalot), they’re having fun. The crowd are having fun and that’s actually really infectious, and you can find yourself grinning along for big portions of the set. I’ll be honest, I could do without the slightly contrived pulling a girl from the crowd to be sang to on stage, but nobody is perfect, and again, the people who are here absolutely love it.

Closing on King For A Day is absolutely the right way to bow out tonight; that song is an absolute banger, and everyone goes suitably mental for it. Weirdly I think that by following letlive. tonight, Pierce The Veil actually do themselves a bit of a favour; they don’t have the hard social commentary to deliver, and while they may not have Jason Butler, they do have a bloody good time on the stage, delivering nothing but a good time, and everyone leaves with a big smile on their face and many catchy tunes firmly wedged in their heads.

The night definitely belongs to the headliners tonight, and I think that surely only bigger things can come in the future (I went to the Brixton show the day after and there was a similarly hysterical reaction), and it seems like only a matter of time before a headline slot at a festival like Slam Dunk awaits! (8.5/10)



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