Inlaze are a grunge influenced rock quartet originating from West Yorkshire. One thing in particular that stands out with Inlaze is their clever use of riffs emerging from the grungey guitar tone that we all know and love. Inlaze have come on leaps and bounds since discovery 4 months ago and there is a clear improvement in the production of their tracks when comparing ‘Another One’ with their demo track ‘Waste’. These improvements in the production reflect just how hard they work to perfect every single layer of a track, right from the smooth vocals from Cauley Pritchard to the rhythmic bass notes provided by Joe Taberner. Even though there are only three tracks available to listen to at this moment in time, it doesn’t limit them at all. Every lyric, note and riff is full of emotion and reflects the good old 90’s vibe that resonates with all grunge-influenced bands, such as Nirvana. Within each track there are hints of the newer melodic bands, such as Basement, as the fuzzy guitar tones resonate across the whole genre. In particular, ‘Shallow’ really reflects the Basement sound that seems to have catapulted into the forefront of the alternative genre.

After speaking with Inlaze member, Cauley Pritchard, The four-piece group are currently producing tracks for their self-titled EP ‘set for release in early 2015’, which is eagerly anticipated by followers of the band. Also, the band are hoping to have a ‘new music video for the new year’ to accompany the release of their EP.

Inlaze are; Cauley Pritchard (Vocals + Guitar), Joe Taberner (Bass), Ollie O’Brien (Guitary) and Tom Whiting (Drums)


The band currently have three tracks available for download on their Soundcloud page. One of which has been taken from their upcoming self-titled release, which is expected in 2015, and is entitled ‘Another One’.

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For fans of: Basement, Citizen and Sunny Day Real Estate



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