Moose Blood – January 2015 [Interview]

Moose Blood - January 2015 [Interview]

We caught up with Eddy and Mark from Moose Blood at the Star & Garter in Manchester on their first ever headline tour. 

To start off with, can you state your name and what role is in the band?

E: I’m Eddy and I play guitar and sing in Moose Blood

M: My names Mark and I play guitar

 Where does the name Moose Blood come from?

E: It was just me and Mark mucking around at work. We had the songs already, we were just trying to say as many silly names really, we knew we wanted an animal in the name. We were just mucking about and Moose Blood just kind of stuck.

Was there anything in particular that made you want to start a band?

E: We’ve been in bands forever, it’s kind of all we know.

M: Yeah and we’ve sort of done hardcore stuff and other sort of bands. I don’t know, Eddy started writing and had his demos on his laptop and wanted to make it a thing, like an actual band so that was it. We sort of got together like that, we’d all played in bands before and Carl (bass guitar) is Glenn’s (drums) mate. We’re all sort of connected and it all came together quickly.

So you’ve had mainstream radio plays and recent airtime on Radio One, but were you expecting such a big reaction to your debut album ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’?

E: Not at all! I mean we love the record and we’re so proud of it, we never expected so many people to love it so it just came as sort of a surprise to us. It’s great!

How have the crowds been recently on your first ever headliner?

M: Every show has been great!

E: Every night has been great, last night has blown our minds. We played The Borderline in London, I really don’t think we’re going to forget last night.

Have these venues been a step up from your recent shows, such as your record release shows?

M: Those were so much fun as well, they were sort of crazy but it was just on a slightly smaller scale those shows were, which is awesome. We played The Old Blue Last, which is like 150 capacity and then Borderline last night, there were 300 in there. It felt like having that record out for however many months it’s been now means that it’s probably got out to a few more people maybe, as we can see our fan base is starting to grow. I’m not sure if it feels like a step up or if we’re just very lucky to play there because it’s so soon, but it’s great that more people are turning up now!

Quite a few of the tracks on the album have been influenced by personal events, so what’s it like being away from friends and family whilst on tour?

E: Being away from my wife and daughter sucks, I saw them yesterday and this morning. I speak to them everyday. It’s worth it, this is all I’ve ever wanted to do, so it is what it is.

Did you have any main artist influences when writing the album?

M: As a band we’ve got loads, we listen to loads and loads of stuff and probably take influence from everything we listen to in some way, shape or form. It doesn’t mean you sound like them, but they might influence you to write something.

E: We’re all just music fans in general, we all listen to so many different things.

M: Yeah, there’s so many different things, it’s so eclectic. I guess just in the van and on this tour, we’ve been listening to the new Turnstile record, Code Orange and Avril Lavigne!

E: Bands can influence you in the tiniest way without actually making you sound like them, like Mark said, they can just influence you to write songs.

What’s your favourite song to play live?

E: I like playing Cherry. We’ve never done it before, but people have been singing it like crazy. It’s been fun!

M: I think it kind of changes. Gum has become a song that is so fun to play because of the reaction it gets, it’s great. For us it’s quite an older song because we wrote it a while ago, so we weren’t really sure of that really being a stronger song on the album but the way it’s gone down and the reception it seems to get makes it really fun to play. At the moment I think it might be Gum.

Which do you think is the best song for getting the crowd going?

E: Bukowski is always good!

M: Bukowski yeah, I love Bukowski! Last night, it was literally every song that had a fantastic reaction and it was the same in Southampton at The Joiners the other day as well. I guess Bukowski does because it’s probably our oldest song, the first one we sort of put out. Boston always goes down very well. Any reaction we get from any song is awesome!

What made you decide to re-record Boston and Bukowski?

M: I think Bukowski went out as that demo version and then we put it on Moving Home, but it was never a single or anything like that and we just felt that it was a song that we liked so much still and that was strong enough to actually go on a record. It’s the same with Boston as well.

E: It probably gave them a bit of a new life as well, which we thought would make them stronger

If you could tour with any 3 bands, still together or not, who would it be and why?

M: I would say Nirvana just because they have been my favourite band since I was a kid, so it would definitely be them. I think Deftones just because I love Deftones and I’ve never seen them and I really want to. Brand New as well I think.

E: I’d say Glassjaw, Brand New again and I’d love to go out with McBusted

If you could advice to bands just starting out, what would it be?

M: Well, we consider ourselves a new band still but just to people in bands on all levels I’d say to just try and write something good and play as much as you can

E: If you love the music that you’re writing then you’re doing it right, that’s all that matters. If you’re writing songs that you’d listen to then crack on!

Finally, have you got any big plans for 2015?

M: It’s a difficult question that we keep getting asked, there are things in the works, there are plans but until we get off this tour we can’t announce anything else. We have started writing for record number two already and potentially we could record that by the end of the year. We have got other tours!

E: We’ve got some other shows with Creeper

M: Yeah there’s Creeper and Takedown festival.

E: There’s a few things that we can’t say!

M: It’s all getting muddled up to what you can say and what you can’t say but hopefully it will just be a busy year. We’re going to try and do as much touring as possible. It’s lovely being home and stuff, we love that but when something then becomes your job then you just want to be as busy as possible and we all have the freedom to do that now.

Moose Blood’s debut album ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’ is out now. Moose Blood are currently in the last few dates of their first ever headline tour with the remaining dates as below: 

26 Jan – Glasgow, Audio 16+
27 Jan – Sheffield, Corporation 14+
28 Jan – Liverpool, Evac Loft 14+
29 Jan – Birmingham, The Oobleck 16+
31 Jan – Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

Check out the live footage of ‘Swim Down’ from a recent date of their headline tour.

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