Moose Blood + Guests: The Exchange, Bristol 19/1/15 [Review]

Moose Blood + Guests: The Exchange, Bristol 19/1/15 [Review]

Fancied a night of angst, emo and strong lyrics to point your finger at? Well you were in luck when Moose Blood came to Bristol as part of their extensive UK tour. Promoting their new release ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’ with a few small bands (one being from the United States) helping get their names further spread across the UK, it makes for a good night.


First up were local South West Pop Punk group Tuskens who, despite sounding quite different compared to the acts later on, they definitely gave the hometown something to be proud of. Seeing a few of the crowd shouting the lyrics back put a smile on their faces and made their set very enjoyable. With only 2 EP’s behind them, they definitely have a fanbase behind them and it wont be long until they start making waves through the underground pop punk community.

Rating: 4/5

Boston Manor

Hailing from Blackpool, the main opener for the tour have big shoes to fill for what it about to follow later on in the night, but they come on strong and bring their A game. Adding a more aggressive side to pop punk and emo music, the band go strong and hard for their whole 30 minutes they’re on stage. Not as much crowd participation as the locals, but the first attempted stage dive along with an impressive catalogue of music and a great stage presence give them the front running to be a big name this year.

Rating: 5/5

Choir Vandals

Here come the St Louis sad blokes! A lot more softer and emotional approach but sounding a lot more indie in their music. The music brings a breath of fresh air, reminiscent to that of The Strokes. The band are very energetic on stage which seems surprising for the kind of music that the band do, but overall it falls somewhat flat over the night. They get the cheers and roars of the crowd and the respect of travelling over to the UK to get some newer fans, but it just didn’t grip as many people as they would have hoped.

Rating: 3/5

Moose Blood

It now comes down to the reason everyone came, for one of the most up and coming bands of 2014 and for this year to come. Straight out the bat, they play ‘Pups’ and the crowd are right behind them as they are plowing through songs like ‘Gum’ and ‘Bukowski’. Their presence on stage is a lot reminiscent to a band starting out at band practice, but the sound coming through the speakers trumps it tenfold. As the band go through their tour and seeing a lot of the dates selling out and getting close to, it goes to show that this band has a strong following behind them and will continue to bring in the crowds for the years to come.

Rating: 4/5

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