Make Do And Mend – Don’t Be Long [REVIEW]

Make Do And Mend - Don't Be Long [REVIEW]

Emotion is now a pivotal feature in music. Connecticut band Make Do And Mend has implemented it into their sound, making it cope well under the weight of their post-hard-core roots. The act cut deeply into different avenues, never sticking to the rule book or processing their music to fit mass hysteria. They seem grounded and sincere, pushing and striving, not letting anybody tell them what to do and think. There is a punk theory put into place and the band is paying tribute to it. The sound of their new album Don’t Be Long has been tweaked a little. The same formula is there, beating like a heart, but the guitar work has been focused on more and the vocals are volatile. The album still has enough melody and energy to keep the listener interested.

The storyline attached to the album is very sombre and vivid. Lead singer James Carroll spits what he feels over the microphone, classifying his thoughts as dark and disturbed. He’s a songwriter who knows how to write competent lyrics that evoke and his style is drastic, but admirable. He spews enough from his mind to solidify powerful songs. The true emotion placed is remarkable, riveting and inspiring.

The album kicks off with Don’t Be Long. It’s a track that begins with a haunting intro then Carroll’s rough and ready vocal pounce. The riff is highly pleasing as well the memorable chorus. Carroll sings with venom in his voice, pushing it until it breaks into a furious scream. Old Circles is a song that keeps the great riffs alive. Carroll beats his voice again, cracking his aching vocal chords. The pessimistic lyrics fit perfectly with the track. All There Is a little softer vocally. It’s very poetic and negative, keeping the pessimism flowing.

Make Do And Mend has nurtured their sound but haven’t completely altered it. Don’t Be Long is a pile-driver of an album that beats brilliant lyrically.


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