Like Pacific: Like Pacific EP [Review]

Like Pacific: Like Pacific EP [Review]

They may not be a household name, but Toronto’s own Like Pacific are making their path slowly and surely through with their pop punk/alternative rock jams that are enough to make you turn your head and get caught in the catchy riffs.

The first ninety seconds belong to the song ‘Sigh Of Relief’ which after a small intro breaks into speedy aggressive pop punk we have all grown to love and cherish. The band do this perfectly and don’t oversaturate the song by making sure each member gets a good amount of space and volume on the record. Coming through next is ‘Eviction’ which adds a bit more gritty, balanced songwriting to it and with a longer running time shows off a lot more of the potential that this record has.

Their first single from the record, titled ‘Clarity’ set the harsh tone for the bands lyrical content. Focusing on a social and emotional hell through relationships, the song brings out a big ‘Fuck You’ to whoever has hurt you in the past and puts a smile on your face knowing you’ve hit an emotional level with a song you may have not hit before. ‘105 McCaul St.’ keeps on going with the vocals and lyrics being a strong punch to the record. The track also takes its own direction and brings out a side of Like Pacific you probably haven’t heard before making it one of the best songs on the EP.

Finally, we reach ‘Suffering’ which goes into a more standardised punk rock setting. The bass makes a more prominent statement through this track but overall its more relaxed and straight to the point presence it has gives the EP that much more dynamic setting towards it and makes this record a starting point for the bands hopefully superb 2015.


Released: 20th January 2015
Label: Pure Noise Records
For Fans Of: Basement / Real Friends / The Story So Far
Rating: 8.5/10

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