Light You Up: All We’ve Ever Known [REVIEW]

Light You Up: All We’ve Ever Known [REVIEW]

Hailing from Birmingham, 5 piece pop punk / alternative rock band Light You Up have just released their newest album entitled ‘All We’ve Every Known’ for the masses. To say that this album is great is an understatement as it features everything you want in a record. Each track has its own ideal feature and shows off the best of what the UK has to offer.

The albums opening tracks set the tone for the entire record. ‘Breathe’ gives a very anthemic vibe from start to finish and has linings of You Me At Six throughout the song, showing off more of the pop side of the band, whereas when you go right into the next song, it has a more heavier sound but still fits into its own centre. With a big sprinkle of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, ‘It’s About Time’ sparks a new light in the record and keep giving the record that strong appeal and vitality for the audience both new and old.

As the album progresses forward, the music keeps on bringing the punches and leaving you speechless. When you compare it to some of their older stuff, you feel that as the years progressed and they mature their sound it has worked out for the better. ‘Haven’t You Heard’ takes over at the halfway mark and brings out the more pop punk side of the band, adding a lot more alternative structure towards it. Tom Napier’s vocals give off a strong, balanced tone, whilst underlining a rough side towards the songs.

As it reaches its highest potential for a release from any band this early in the game, They take the album down to a much softer, more ballad-y song with ‘You Are Waiting For A Train’ breaking out the acoustic guitar and giving the fans something more relaxing from the barrage of distorted guitars that have been following for most of the album. The instrumentation and production with the orchestral parts make this one of the best songs on the record, closing up with ‘We Were Young’ which shows off the bands final punch and definitely deserve a round of applause.

Reaching music like this early in your stage is very uncommon for a band, but with the right pushes and keeping their heads up, they will definitely be a band who will take 2015 by storm.


Released: 26th January
Label: Unsigned
Rating: 10/10

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