Issues – Diamond Dreams [REVIEW]

Issues - Diamond Dreams [REVIEW]

A lot of the bands are now jumping on the band wagon of making songs acoustic and giving them a more ‘alternative’ look on what they can do. It shows off a lot more of their musicality, but has reached some flak on people just thinking they are doing it to get an easy dollar out of people. Theories on the matter can all stem down to one thing. If it sounds good, then it’s probably worth the money. This is true in the case of Issues new alternative EP titled ‘Diamond Dreams’

As the song on its own when it was released, ‘Hooligans’ was a big change to what people heard on the Black Diamonds EP, but with this softer, sort of lounge version of the song. More of the emphasis is on the extended range that Tyler Carter does with his vocals, but there is a part of you that misses the raw screams of Michael Bohn from the original tracks. ‘Remember When’ has a lot more of an indie emo style with Tyler having an episode at the beginning, giving the track a lot more feeling into the deep meaning behind the song.

The only original track, which happens to be the title track of the EP, has a more uplifting tone towards it, although the vocal editing throws it off a lot. The piano along with the rest of the instrumentation shines through and the addition of ‘Her Monologue’ lyrics are a nice touch. The stand out track is the new rendition of ‘Never Lose Your Flames’ featuring the noticeable and iconic pop punk vocals of Ben Barlow of Neck Deep fame. His vocals outshine the track and give the whole record a breath of fresh air. With a similar follow to the original the vocal patterns changing up are all this track needed.

In the end, the band have done an amazing job working on songs from all their previous releases and it is a sure fire way of showing off a different side of the whole band that we are not used to seeing. If you see it about, definitely take a second glance before buying anything else.


Released: 2nd December 2014
Label: Rise Records
Rating: 4/5

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