Fit For A King – Slave To Nothing [Review]

Fit For A King - Slave To Nothing [Review]

There is a lot of metalcore bands out there and most of them follow the same generic pattern. It usually just goes verse, chorus, verse, chorus, maybe slap in a breakdown wherever it seems it and probably add some random electronic sounds that would make Skrillex turn off his MacBook without saving things in Logic in a violent rage.

Lucky for us, its starting to get a lot more noticeable that bands aren’t taking this same route, which can be said for Fit For A King, who after two albums are looking to make a massive name for themselves with their third record titled ‘Slave To Nothing’. Kicking off is ‘Kill The Pain’ which adds a lot more of a softer, melodic approach with some guitar parts in sections, but nothing comes to terms when ‘Young & Undeserving’ enters the speakers unlike anything heard from this band before. The low tuned guitars add an unlikely element to the band, but it keeps going up and up.

Of course you get the usual breakdowns that you get in traditional genre, but what separates good from great is how ferocious and volatile they can be. ‘Break Away’ starts off with mild intentions, but quickly throws in a lot more throughout the breakdown and indeed the rest of the song. One drawback of this is that it seems to have the Miss May I effect of where the clean vocals, although sounding crisp and fitting, kind of draw away a lot with sounding somewhat processed.

As we move in a lot further throughout the album, you get a weird Northlane influence with the djent on the guitars and cleans, which skyrocket this album and make this unlike any other metalcore record. The softer sections show off a lot of the bands diversity and musical writing, even getting a lot more of a melodic hardcore feel within some of their tracks.

This album may not be classed as an album of a year over all genres, but for metalcore, it may have just smashed its way to the top.

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