Fathoms: Lives Lived [Review]

Fathoms: Lives Lived [Review]

Roughness is a trademark of Brighton band Fathoms. The act, pack their sound with meaty guitar sequences and raw growls and screams. They also push their pessimistic thoughts like a finger into the face of grace, and they bark at the sky for answers. Subtlety isn’t here, cleaning the sound to fit the mainstream or commercial circuit. This is hard edged music, coated in spit, sweat and tears. Emotion rings true too, so much of it coming from the pulsating minds of these musicians who are deeply immersed in an genre that picked at and often scorned.

But, Fathoms is a band that offer their souls to the cause. A cause that used to be thin on the ground, thread bare, but now melodic hardcore has a home. A place to hang up its accolades and blood drenched suit. The music might quiver the spine, it might be a hard to listen to, but it’s completely engulfed in emotion, starkness and blackness, honour and glory. If the people are open minded and want to throw down the gauntlet and want try and listen to a sound that’ll manage to swell the heart and blow down the norm, then Lives Lived is an album that will to that and more.

The record begins with Hate Resonates. It commences with an infectious, thunderous riff that is ultimately technical and impressive. The screams march through, creating a riveting atmosphere. Sleeping Dreaming is another fast paced scream ride. Rattling and volatile, it delivers the intensity we expect. Spite is thrilling and technical in its guitar work. The chugging sound and growls explode like an exposed aerosol can. Hell dons a masterful riff that compliments the frantic drumming. It’s captivating and expertly driven with a million sneers.

Fathoms offer up a record that will turn heads. It’s not for the easy listener. It’s fierce and brutal, but sincerity is there, underneath the screaming tension.

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