Crown The Empire: Club Academy, Manchester 06/02/15 [Review]

Crown The Empire: Club Academy, Manchester 06/02/15 [Review]

After being well received back in October on tour with Asking Alexandria, Crown The Empire made their return back to UK shores ready for a headline run.

First up are Alive Like Me, who start the show to a somewhat mellow reaction from the crowd. There’s no denying that the performance they put on was energetic, but it wasn’t until final song Searching For Endings until they really got the reaction they had wanted from the crowd.

Next up are Dangerkids, who are met by a lot of expecting fans, although they didn’t quite live up to these expectations, although the Linkin Park-esque style of music was performed well. After a few songs, crowd favourite Paper Thin was welcomed by a few pits, and jumping fans. It seemed to take a while for Dangerkids to settle on stage, but when they did they did their job, and got the crowd ready for the night ahead. After a great performance, drummer Katie Cole proved exactly why women do belong in this scene.

Judging by the buzz in the room whilst waiting for Set It Off to grace the stage, you would have thought they were the headliners tonight. A warm (and extremely loud) welcome was met by huge smiles from the band. Opener The Haunting sets a fast pace, which never drops during their time on stage, nor does the strength in Cody Carson’s vocals. Even newer songs such as N.M.E and Ancient History have hundreds singing along. Closing song Why Worry is delivered with a huge amount of energy. Expect big things!

Finally the lights go down and headliners Crown The Empire take to the stage, opening with a theatrical performance of Oh, Catastrophe. With catchy guitar riffs all around, a bunch of anthem worthy songs and plenty of “Get Up”s, it’s hard not to see how dedicated these guys are in making sure the crowd have a good time. With sweat dripping from the ceiling, the band finish off their high energy set with Makeshift Chemistry. From the second Crown The Empire walked onstage to the second they walked off the crowd were fully engaged in the show. If you want to see band who put on one hell of a hot show, go see these guys.

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