CROOKS sign to Equal Vision Records, Release new song!

CROOKS sign to Equal Vision Records, Release new song!

The melodic hardcore/emo group Crooks have just announced their signing to Equal Vision Records and with that a new song was thrown into the grasps of peoples hands. Titled ‘A Few Peaceful Days‘, it is just a starter for what is to come from these guys as album details will be announced in the coming months. Vocalist Josh Rogers had this to say about the new song:

This song is completely up for people’s own interpretation. The most important thing for me about Crooks UK is that the listener can understand initially that the songs are written about fragile subjects, but one can take from that as much or as little as they please, whether they can directly relate to them or not necessarily at all. The only thing I’d ever want people to know from listening to our music is that they are not alone, and whatever they are hurting about its honestly ok sometimes to just let it be.

They are also going on tour around the UK opening for the bands Transit and Such Gold, as well as an appearance at Hevy Fest. The dates for the UK tour can be seen below:


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