Set It Off - Upside Down [REVIEW]

Set It Off – Upside Down [REVIEW]

Set It Off are due to realise their new album ‘Upside Down’ on Friday 7th October. More mature than what we have seen before, ‘Upside Down’ is generally optimistic and confident with similar styles and themes running throughout the twelve tracks. With a lot of input by important people in music production, such as Brandon […]

HalfNoise - Sudden Feeling [REVIEW]

HalfNoise – Sudden Feeling [REVIEW]

Since early September, Sudden Feeling has been a major feature on all indie end-of-summer playlists. HalfNoise – a creative project by Zac Farro, ex-drummer and an original member of Paramore – is renowned for its iconic relaxed electronic sounds. Sudden Feeling is a more upbeat album compared to the 2014 release Volcano Crowe and encapsulates a great mix […]

Against Me! - Shape Shift With Me - [Review]

Against Me! – Shape Shift With Me – [Review]

Folk, punk, rock, even a little hardcore, Against Me! have done it all! And in their 7th full length effort we hear and feel something new again. The last 4 years must have been difficult for Laura Jane Grace as an individual and Against Me! As a band, but that is something that is thrived on […]

Stick To Your Guns - Better Ash Than Dust [REVIEW]

Stick To Your Guns – Better Ash Than Dust [REVIEW]

Since 2015’s Disobedient, hardcore big shots Stick To Your Guns have been busy, touring and evidently recording among other things. Now a member of the Pure Noise Records family, Stick To Your Guns have brought us a shiny new EP, Better Ash Than Dust. With such a strong musical back catalogue, this is surely a […]

Biffy Clyro- Ellipsis [REVIEW]

Biffy Clyro- Ellipsis [REVIEW]

Your favourite Scottish trio are back with their seventh studio album ‘Ellipsis‘, the album that plans to promote them from the position of stadium support, to stadium headliner, while pushing Biffy Clyro into new territories and new musical environments. With huge bands such as Mumford & Sons, Muse, Green Day etc. becoming stale, everybody wants […]

Happy Accidents - You Might Be Right [Review]

Happy Accidents – You Might Be Right [Review]

London based trio Happy Accidents have managed to produce one of the most interesting summer soundtracks that you’re likely to hear over these next few months, with their debut album ‘You Might Be Right’. With their signature thread of cheery, upbeat sounds tying this album together, it’s not hard to miss the stark melancholic undertones […]