Camden Rocks Festival announces 28 more bands!

Camden Rocks Festival announces 28 more bands!

It’s less of a wave and more of a tsunami of talent, but Camden Rocks Festival have welcomed a ton of new names to the bill.

They are:

Little Comets

Sonic Boom Six

Josh Flowers & The Wild

Boy Jumps Ship


Love Zombies

Tim Muddiman & The Strange


Wax on Water

My Little Empire

Paul Miro

The Totems

The Hyena Kill

The Parades

The Fallen State

Exit Black


Press To Meco

A Week Away



Healthy Junkies


Dark Science

Sam Ryder

Matt Henshaw

Kerri Watt

Andy Smith

…aaaand breathe. Fancy seeing all that plus the acts already announced on one poster? You’re in luck!

Get tickets (£30 face value) by clicking here.

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