Bring Me The Horizon: Wembley Arena, London 05/12/14 [Review]

Bring Me The Horizon: Wembley Arena, London 05/12/14 [Review]


A few years ago, a headline slot at Wembely arena would have been nothing but a dream for Sheffield rockers Bring Me The Horizon, but this dream finally became a reality for the five lads. 12,500 of their most dedicated fans had came from all over the UK to witness this special occasion. Support came from Sleepwave, Issues and Young Guns, who un-doubtfully had the crowd warmed up and ready for the crazy night ahead.

The haunting choral intro to ‘Shadow Moses’ begins, and the crowd erupted with screams, opening up mosh pits left, right and center. As the song kicks in front man Oli Sykes bounces around the stage amidst fountains of fire and steam. The crowd enter a mad frenzy, which continues for the duration of their whole set. There are multiple times when Sykes demands crowd surfers over the barrier, and he gets exactly the reaction he wanted. A sea of bodies flowed over the crowd to the likes of ‘Antivist’, ‘House of Wolves’ and ‘It Never Ends’.

Perhaps the highlight of the night is former guitar, Curtis Ward, joining the band on stage to perform golden oldie ‘Pray For Plagues’. Considering Sykes said, “this is a song we really don’t wanna play”, they didn’t hold back. The crowd frenzied underneath the view of the band, bringing up the energy to a high. Even when the band slow things down for songs such as ‘And The Snakes Start To Sing’ and ‘Blessed With A Curse’, the energy does not come to a halt, with the audience screaming along to the words.

There are a few moments throughout the show when Sykes looks like he might be drawn to tears, particularly during a powerful performance of ‘Hospital For Souls’, which was written about the ketamine addiction Sykes admitted to earlier this year. The emotion took its toll on the front man, as he fell to his knees and shed a tear.

The bands encore consisted of three songs; ‘Hospital For Souls’, ‘Drown’; which was particularly written for Wembley itself, and ‘Can You Feel My Heart’, which sends the crowd insane for the final time of the night. There’s no doubt that tonight has been a celebration of a band that are living their dream. This will be a night to remember for all involved, but the question is, how can this be topped?

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