As It Is release new music video ‘Cheap Shots and Set Backs’

As It Is release new music video 'Cheap Shots and Set Backs'

As It Is are on everyone’s tongues lately, and if you’re going to the Hit The Deck or Slam Dunk festivals this year, you’re going to want to check them out. The pop-punk quintet have just unleashed their brilliant video for Cheap Shots and Set Backs, a short but sweet track that sees the band singing of the disillusionment of humanity today. Far from being pedantic, the track is highly charged and carries the potential to sky-rocket the band’s career. As frontman Patty Walters says, the video ‘tells the story of two outcast humans who find each other and are wanted in a dystopian robotic world.’ Deep.

Cheap Shots and Set Backs is the second track taken from their upcoming album Never Happy, Ever After, which is currently streaming on YouTube ahead of its release on April 20th – check it out here. As It Is are a fantastic new band that look set to storm the UK music scene with this new album. If you like what you hear on the stream, they’re touring the UK in May alongside This Wild LifeSeaway and Boston Manor – don’t miss it.

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